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This policy is effective on and after 11/29/2016. Eugene Folklore Society reserves the right to revise this policy from time to time.

Refund Requests

A request for a refund of a product or service purchased from the Eugene Folklore Society may be made in writing via email or US Mail. A customer requesting a refund must clearly describe the product or service involved and state the refund amount requested and the reason for the refund. Refunds are subject to the following specific refund policies and will only be provided to the person who made the payment subject to the request. Refund requests may be addressed to the following:



US Mail

Treasurer, Eugene Folklore Society
PO Box 1645
Eugene OR 97440

Specific Refund Policies

Membership Fees

Membership fees are not refundable.

Dance and Music Event Admissions

Dance or music event admissions are not refundable.

Dance Camp Registration Fee

A refund of payment of a dance camp registration fee less $25 will be provided if the request is received by the Eugene Folklore Society at least 30 days prior to the first day of the dance camp. Dance camp registration fee are not refundable for requests received within 30 days prior to the first day of the dance camp. Exceptions may be made for family or medical emergency.


A refund of the purchase price of a product sold by the Eugene Folklore Society will be made upon receipt of return of the product, provided the product is in clean, undamaged condition. Shipping or other costs of returning the product shall be the responsibility of the customer.